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Welcome Friends!
I am Jenna, a busy-all-the-time-momma of 2 perfect babes! My business (& family) is based in Idaho and we love sunshine and shopping!
My husband and I started this business because I have always loved dressing my (now 5-year-old) daughter in bows, bibs, socks, shoes, rompers, etc. but was sorely disappointed by the baby boy selections I found after our son was born. I was determined to find simple modern and unique items for him that didn’t break the bank but it just didn’t happen.
So, that is how momma.shop was born!
I figured if I was in this predicament, other mommas were as well and boy, that was so true!
We are growing faster than I can blink and I couldn’t be happier about it. Due to my natural love of all things lace and ruffles, I just had to include the cutest of the cute baby girl items as well!
I am consistently hand selecting and updating our styles and offering a wide range of baby and toddler sizes so keep checking back and make sure you’re following our social media pages for sales and new item announcements!
Thanks for sharing your time with me here and enjoy having a look around!
Instagram: @mommadotshop  ///  Facebook: facebook/mommadotshop